Owned A Diesel Renault Between 2008-2018?

You may be eligible to claim back 25-75% of the vehicle's purchase price if it was purchased between 2008 & 2018 and it had an emissions cheat device.
Over £100 million has already been paid in compensation for UK Diesel Emission Claims.
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Renault Diesel Claim

What is the Renault Diesel Claims SCANDAL?

Who is eligible for a Renault diesel claim? If you bought, financed, or leased a new or used Renault diesel vehicle between 2008 and 2018 you may be entitled to make a claim as it could be fitted with a diesel "defeat device" that may cheat air pollution tests.
Potential impacts on Diesel Renault customers
Thousands of customers have had their vehicles recalled due to the issue with the vehicles diesel emissions. Some customers claim since having the software update, that they have had problems with their car or van. For example, encountering power loss, which then has caused an increase in maintenance costs. Others have mentioned that they have noticed increased fuel consumption and lowered the value of their car.

Some felt that they had paid more than the car was actually worth, and not quite the eco-friendly car that they thought they’d purchased. Others stated that they would never have acquired the car in the first place, had they known about the diesel emissions fault. If you feel that you are one of the hundreds and thousands that have been affected, why not see if our panel of experts can help bring a claim on your behalf.

UK owners can now bring a claim against Renault

About the Renault diesel emissions group action claim.

Reanult have potentially misled vehicle owners about the level of toxic fumes emitted from their vehicles. If you own a Nissan, you may be entitled to compensation.
News of potential wrongdoing first surfaced in 2016 when Renault was referred for a criminal investigation in France over suspected breaches of emissions rules. At the time, regulators discovered abnormal levels of a dangerous gas, NOx, from many of Renault’s diesel engines.
Up to 700,000 UK Renault vehicles could be affected, meaning thousands of UK residents could be entitled to compensation from the car manufacturer. If you own a Renault and would like to register your interest in claiming compensation, get in touch with our expert emissions solicitors today.

Why should I join the Renault claim?

Customer of Renault can claim compensation for:
  1. Depreciation as a result of the car not being as eco-friendly
  2. Any increase fuel costs incurred over the years
  3. Increased car tax
  4. Damages for breach of contract

Find out if your Renault is eligible for the claim?

The 'DieselGate' Scandal
Dieselgate started in the US back in 2015, when car manufacturer Volkswagen were found to have manipulated their results to get around the emission law designed to help keep the air clean.
The US Environmental Protection Agency stated that some VW cars had been fitted with so-called “Defeat Devices”. These particular gadgets had sophisticated coding software which could detect when the car was being tested for the NOx emissions.
NOx emissions known as Nitrogen Oxides are gases which are emitted by vehicles such as cars and vans, and may be harmful to the environment and humans.
The device then made the car meet the emission standards. When the car was not being tested and on the road, the device would turn off and the vehicle would discharge more pollution into the atmosphere which may be around 40 times higher than the legal limit.
Millions of vehicles worldwide have been affected, meaning that some consumers have purchased or leased diesel cars and vans that had higher emissions than actually advertised.
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